Best Paying Online Casinos in Canada

Oftentimes, we hear people saying things like ‘Don’t play games at that site, they don’t pay at a reasonable rate!’ What does that mean, exactly?

Well, the rate at which a casino pays its players is the result of several factors, which we’ll all discuss and elaborate on today. After reading this guide, you’ll know exactly what to do in order to ensure you’re getting paid out fairly.

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Our Favourites This Month

There’s nothing worse than worrying about whether you’ll get your winnings or you’ll get scammed. Online casinos in Canada usually don’t implement schemes to fraud people, but it’s better safe than sorry.

That’s why consulted both experienced players and experts to tell us which online casinos are the best-paying ones. Here are the sites they recommended:

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❓ So How Does It All Work?

At first glance, the words ‘payout rate’ suggest that there’s some mysterious, elaborate system governing how much a casino pays its players. We hate to disappoint you, but that’s not the case.

Online casinos themselves don’t really have a say when it comes to things such as RTP, payout rates, and everything else other than mere hosting. Game developers and studios are the ones that determine all this. Here’s how the process looks.

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#1 Game Suppliers Develop The Game

A game is made, both in terms of frontend and backend, solely by the studio and its developers.

They develop the RNG mechanisms, test it, get it licensed and audited, and all the other things a game needs to be released and played by millions around the globe.

#2 Casinos Agree To Offer It For a %

The studio announces the release of a new game, and they offer demos to all the top online casinos in Canada. If the operator thinks the hype will be high enough, they agree to buy the game.

They don’t pay the supplier (the studio) a fixed price. Instead, the amount they have to shell out is percentage-based.

#3 The Casino Pays Game Supplier Based On The GGR

The percentage online casinos pay to suppliers isn’t taken from the cumulative amount of money wagered. Since players win from time to time, casinos would end up paying a sum that’s too big for their sales revenues, or as it’s called in the iGaming industry – Gross Gaming Revenue (GGR).

GGR is basically the difference between the amount of money given to an online casino and the money they give out in the form of bonuses and legitimate winnings.

By taking a fixed percentage of the casino’s GGR, the supplier is in a position to earn lots of money if people play their game a lot at that particular site. Also, the deal works for the casino, as they’ll have to pay a flexible amount, even if traffic goes down.

❓ Stop Searching For Best Payout Rate Casinos - Look For Games!

Now you know what determines the payout rate of an online casino. They don’t do anything.

Instead, the overall payout rate is just a cumulative average of all the games they offer. It’s illegal to tweak casino games to pay more or less, and that’s what casino agree when they purchase the game.

So, don’t think about payout rates too much. Play the games you want and like, and only do a quick Google search for their particular payout rates. If a certain game has an RTP of 97%, it will be the same everywhere, from Alberta to Ontario.

However, in 1% of all cases, things can be a bit different…

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The Rare Exceptions

Some game suppliers, such as Play N’Go, offer games at several different RTPs. The most notable example from this studio is the iconic Book of Dead slot. It can come at 96%, 94%, 91%, 87%, and 84%.

This is because different jurisdictions around the world have different laws and limitations when it comes to minimum and maximum RTPs.

If a game that’s to your liking can come in multiple different versions, always choose the one with the highest payout rate.

Want to know how you can find out the exact RTP of a casino game?

At some casinos (not all) you can find information about the RTPs of all games by looking in the Page Console, which is accessible by pressing Ctrl + Shift + I. Go to the elements part and press Crtl + F and enter ‘RTP’ in order to locate the words within the code. Along with one mention, you should see a two-digit number – that’s the RTP!

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