⭐ Live Dealer Blackjack for Canadian Players

If we asked people to pick a single casino game as the perfect epitome of gaming, blackjack would probably be the most common answer.

There are no gimmicks, no machines, and no elements that are overly luck-based. It’s just you, the dealer, and a deck of 52 cards. Blackjack is so beloved because there is a myriad of possibilities in terms of what can happen, and it’s precisely because the game is so open and devoid of unnecessary rules and restrictions.

Most of us had our first-ever bump-in with blackjack at a land-based casino. The atmosphere is easy-going, you can chat with other players, and the dealer is willing to answer all the questions a beginner can muster – you know the drill.

Despite the irreplaceable feeling you get when playing blackjack at a casino, things aren’t easy for everyone. If you live far from any gambling venues, that same experience can become a hassle. Fortunately, live dealer blackjack can solve all your problems.

You can do just about everything from the comfort of your couch or front porch, needing only a device with an active internet connection.

However, live online blackjack is a different beast, mainly because it’s so fast-paced and growing at an exponential rate. Don’t worry – that’s what we\re here for.

In this guide, we’ll help you navigate the murky waters of live blackjack sites in Canada. You’ll learn how to sniff out the best online casinos, find the best live iterations of blackjack, and ultimately – have a great time.

So, just relax, grab a bite to eat, and enjoy your introduction to the fun and enticing world of live blackjack. As one of the most popular card games of all time, you just know you will love it after just a few hands!

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Best Live Blackjack Sites This Month

You know what they say – your game of blackjack is only as good as where you’re playing it. No matter how big of a budget you have or how lucky you are, playing at a bad online casino can spoil everything.

That’s why we decided to set you up with a list of the best live dealer blackjack sites for US players. Unlike most other reviews, our contains rankings only for the last month. Why? Well, online casinos change every day, so we want our readers to know the current state of every single site.

Pick any of our suggested blackjack casinos – they’re all 100% legal and accept a plethora of different payment methods.

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❓ How Are Live Blackjack Tables Different from One Another?

When operators are interested in buying live dealer games for their online casinos, blackjack is almost always the most convenient option.

Software suppliers often stream the gameplay from a simple studio, as live blackjack doesn’t require any additional equipment in order to be shown to players. In a single room, many dealers can interact with people, all the same time.

As such, blackjack variants can be snatched at bargain prices, so you will always see at least one or two titles, regardless of which site you’re at.

Of course, even though every company tries to enter the live online blackjack market, not all tables are alike.

This can depend from supplier to supplier, so we felt it was high time someone tackled this issue. In the columns below, we’ll break down the essential elements of a good live blackjack game.

Once you learn about them, you’ll be able to sniff out the best titles in just a few seconds. If you don’t trust us, try for yourself!

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House Card Drawing Rules/House Edge

Being the most popular casino game of all time, blackjack has had ample time to evolve and change. Thus, today, there are over 100 officially recognized games and variants that can all be traced back to blackjack.

As a result, we also have many different interpretations of every different rule. While some believe this dilutes the game’s tradition and value, we actually believe it’s a good thing. Since blackjack is relatively lax when it comes to the overall number of rules, software developers can experiment as much as they want without ever endangering the very fabric of the game.

An area where different suppliers are always taking different approaches is the house drawing rules. It’s a small detail at first glance, but even the most minute changes when it comes to drawing can completely change how the game unfolds for you.

The most common conundrum is related to the dealer hitting a 17. Some live blackjack tables go down the traditional route and have them stand on all 17s. However, things get interesting when you discover variants that allow the dealer to draw another card when he hits a soft 17 (a 17 comprised out of an ace and another card).

Even though this doesn’t happen very often, you can still witness situations where dealers bust out after a soft 17, precisely because of this rule change.

There are also other house drawing rules that you will probably encounter at live blackjack sites in Canada. Perhaps the biggest divide is related to splitting after doubling. It’s about 50-50 with this one, as we were able to see equal amounts of providers and sites allowing players to split their hand once they have two of the same card.

This particular ambivalence, along with the other, less important ones, has an important role in shaping the way we play live online blackjack. Overall, the impact on the house edge won’t be a gargantuan one. Expect almost every table to have an RTP of 99.3-99.7%, which is more than enough to tower over other casino games.

User Interface

If there’s one facet of live blackjack that people get wrong all the time, it’s definitely the UI. Providers often spend too much time investing in a nice studio, hiring attractive dealers, and taking care of the gimmicks, all before making the game actually usable.

And there’s no element more important than the UI. It doesn’t really create the content you’re experiencing, but it does shape the way you experience it. Even the best camerawork in the studio or even the biggest bonuses can’t correct a crappily-designed UI. But what makes a good UI, then?

The key is visibility, and this is what sets live blackjack tables apart from one another. An ideal UI should be understandable at first glance, but also subtle enough that it doesn’t interfere with the gameplay.

Some suppliers rely on big, outdated UIs that can make gaming impossible, especially on a smartphone. Today, it’s pretty much standard to have a feature to hide the UI or to minimize it, depending on whether a hand is in duration or not.

The best advice we can give you is to find a live blackjack client with a UI that fits you. Find a good no deposit bonus and you can try the game in real-time. This can give you a proper experience that can help you determine whether this live dealer blackjack title is for you.

Evolution Gaming, for example, regularly posts tutorial videos on YouTube. Whenever a new game comes out, they make sure to educate players about the rules and specifics of said game. This approach can help even complete gaming novices learn the ropes and become a master at the game.

In some cases, you can find a mini-tutorial within the UI itself. Make sure you do a lot of research and you should be fine. It’s all about doing the homework and not settling for compromises!

The Dealers

A charismatic and talkative dealer can make even the worst losing streak bearable. Even though you tend to be more focused on whether you need to stand or not, the dealer is still a big factor in shaping your impressions when you play blackjack.

This is perhaps the subtlest difference between tables, as you can’t easily measure the human factor. However, we went on a testing spree and tried out live blackjack games from a multitude of suppliers. To ensure the fairest conditions possible, each game was played at online casinos from our list above.

Ultimately, we found that moderation is the most important quality a dealer needs to have. What do we mean by this?

Well, the best blackjack dealers know when to up the ante, whether they’re cracking jokes, explaining rules, or just about anything else. They are able to talk incessantly when needed and to focus on the cards when needed.

Basically, they need to have a feel of the situation. Sometimes, you can feel out if a dealer is new or not, but this becomes almost impossible with the best suppliers. They train their staff meticulously, providing a basis to execute all the tasks flawlessly.

Of course, a basic command of the English language is also a must. Since the footage from the studio is broadcasted throughout the world, you’re bound to bump into people from all kinds of different cultures and countries. Therefore, it’s essential that the dealer can communicate with everyone in a single language.

If we want to get real pedantic, the best blackjack dealers can also recognize regular players. Even though it doesn’t seem like much, it’s a great feeling when the dealer remembers your interaction with them. In some cases, dealers let loose and tell funny stories. It’s the little things that count and make your live blackjack experience worthwhile.

Min/Max Bets

In live blackjack, freedom is yet another important factor that often gets forgotten. Since there are many tables to choose from, you can’t realistically expect for all of them to target the same player group.

Remember – blackjack is, after all, the most popular casino game of all time, so people have developed several different playstyles.

The best way these approaches can be discerned from one another is from a financial standpoint. Some players love to break the bank and bet a lot of money for a chance at a big win, while others like to throw in a few bucks just for the fun of it. You also have people that switch it up, so freedom is paramount.

To ensure this form of freedom, game suppliers set different minimum and maximum bet limits. This is so that they can specifically target a certain playstyle and make the playest feel at home.

Currently, this is the most common route developers take, as focusing on a single preference gives them a greater chance of establishing a core group of players.

However, the best live online blackjack sites don’t just pick one financial range. Instead, they strive to be liberal in terms of limits, just so that any and all players can feel comfortable while playing the game.

You will find tables with maximum bets as low as $50, while there are also VIP ones that allow you to bet thousands of dollars at a time. To find the best option for yourself, think a bit about how you like to play.

If you haven’t had experience with high-rolling, then we suggest you aim for a more toned-down table. Most players will be in the same financial range as you, so you will feel right at home. Take an afternoon off and do some research. Afterwards, you’ll know where you want to play.

Side Bets

US online casinos love offering blackjack titles to their players because the game is just so simple. No, seriously, you can learn it in an hour and become adept with just a little practice.

This is because the rules are so straightforward and there is a clear goal that you have to achieve – do not bust before the dealer. Additionally, the house edge is incredibly low, even if you’re just winging it and not implementing a proper strategy.

However, there is also a downside to this simplicity. Blackjack is mostly an even money game, with payouts for hitting the sum of 21 being usually 2:1. This is mostly because the main bets depend on your decision making and skills.

It’s nice to be able to influence the outcome, but live blackjack sites don’t want to take any chance with offering big payouts to these skill-based bets. That’s where the side bets come in – the ultimate spice you can add to the already amazing game of blackjack.

The beauty of side bets is that there are so many. Game suppliers like to switch it up, so you will find many different combinations, depending on which blackjack title you choose. The overall number of side bets depends on who that particular table is targeting.

Beginner-oriented tables often don’t include too many additional bets. If a player is a novice, having an overwhelming number of potentially lucrative choices can be confusing. So, if you arrive at such a table, expect to see Insurance, Perfect Pairs, and 21+3.

There are also other ones, such as Lucky Ladies, Super Sevens, and the always fun Royal Match. They are considered to be more elaborate, at least when compared to the other ones you can encounter.

The more elaborate a side bet is, the more money it yields. However, that also means the house edge rises.

To know how much a live blackjack game pays, check to see how many decks the table uses. Depending on the number, potential winnings might rise or fall.

Country Of The Studio

This is known as one of the more subtle differences between live blackjack tables. It doesn’t impact the game in an obvious way, but it can have a significant effect on your experience.

So, how does the studio’s location affect gameplay? Well, a lot of it has to do with licensing.

NetEnt, for example, has a studio in Malta, which automatically means that they have a license from the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA). This regulatory body is known as one of the strictest in the world and their seal of approval is a surefire sign that a supplier is legitimate.

Of course, having studios outside of countries with a strict licensing system doesn’t mean a company doesn’t have legitimate licensing. Evolution, for example, has studios all over the world (including Canada).

They chose this multi-location approach mainly as a means of preventing their team members from being overburdened. So, it can be said that game suppliers have their action streamed from various locations because of logistical reasons.

In the case of English tables, this is especially true. Different countries and cities have different laws and regulations when it comes to streaming live blackjack, so developers have to plan in advance before they roll out a new game.

We also shouldn’t forget things such as real estate prices, salaries, power bills, management, and so on. The only thing that affects you while you’re playing is the stream quality. Game suppliers need to stream their content from a location with stable internet infrastructure, ideally using their own, in-house servers.

There is also the personnel factor. Some suppliers have German, French, or Spanish tables, so it makes sense that they host these tables in a studio where they can hire a substantial amount of native speakers.

Playing Box Limits

This is where things get juicy! Live dealer blackjack is great because you technically have multiple avenues to a clean win. How so? Well, blackjack tables have multiple boxes that you can occupy, all at the same time.

So, let’s say you’re occupying two boxes and you’re betting the same amount of money on both of them, with the main focus being a juicy side bet. You win with one hand, while you lose with the other. While you might have lost your second bet, the high payout of the first one will make that loss negligible at best.

See what we’re getting at here? If you’re sitting at a table that allows you to occupy multiple boxes, you theoretically have more avenues to victory.

However, it’s worth mentioning that this doesn’t really matter in the long run. Sure, it’s riskier to put all of your eggs in one basket, but blackjack has such a low house edge that things always even as a certain amount of time passes by.

Opening several boxes can be a great way of minimizing your losses. Sites that offer live blackjack for Canadian players know this, so they often allow players to do so, in an effort to attract more people.

Nevertheless, you should also know that too many boxes can also have a negative effect on your gameplay, and ultimately, your balance. What happens if you bust on each box? What happens if you can’t really keep track of what’s going on after a few intense hands?

Multi-boxing is excellent if you’re an experienced player. When you play the same way you always do, you won’t see much of a difference in terms of win percentage and overall profits.

If you’re still learning the ropes, we wouldn’t advise you to open more than two boxes. Get in a groove, see how the game works, and then slowly expand your undertaking when you see fit.

Disconnect Policy

The best thing about live dealer blackjack is that you only need a stable internet connection to play it. That’s it! While this makes games more accessible to everyone, it can also be a double-edged sword. We all know how unreliable ISPs are, and how many different things can go wrong.

So, what happens when you disconnect? Well, blackjack tables often have different policies on this, as it all depends on the supplier.

Every supplier knows that players often have their gaming experiences jeopardized by lackluster internet connections, so they want to make this bump in the road as smooth as possible.

VIG, for example, automatically plays if you’re disconnected, using a basic, AI-driven blackjack strategy. While it’s reassuring to know that you won’t lose all your winnings, we’re not quite sold on the idea of a computer playing a game that’s based on intuition and skill.

On the other hand, you have suppliers like Evolution Gaming, who don’t really want to leave everything to chance. When you try out one of Evolutions’ live blackjack titles, you’ll notice that a disconnection results in your hand automatically standing.

While it can be disappointing to see that you would have had a chance to win, it’s nowhere near as risky as letting an AI manage your funds. We believe that having your hand stand is by far the best option, as it’s completely fair and transparent.

Every iteration of live dealer blackjack you come across should be thoroughly analyzed, just so you know 100% what’s going to happen if your connection fails you. If you don’t mind having some fun and seeing what the AI can do, then feel free to go down the autoplay route.

However, we wouldn’t recommend this solution to high rollers. It’s simply too big of a risk to let a computer handle large amounts of money. Better safe than sorry.

❓ Who Provides Live Blackjack Tables?

As you’ve probably realized by now, the quality of your live blackjack sessions depends mostly on the supplier themselves. In the live casino niche, it’s pretty easy to gouge the quality of a new game based on the track record of the supplier.

Every company has a style they implement and they never stray away from it, which makes it easy to know exactly what you’re getting into.

To help you make the best possible choice, we rounded up some of the best live blackjack suppliers. Pick either one of them and you’re bound to have a good time in a great environment!



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Firmly etched into the live casino version of Mount Rushmore, Evolution is by far the most accomplished company when it comes to live dealer blackjack. Not just that, but they’ve also created amazing titles for other table games too, such as roulette and various wacky game show adaptations.

Of course, their bread and butter is blackjack, but you can easily see the same approach they use on their other games. If we had to describe the overall feel we get when playing Evolution titles, it would be ‘clean.’

Too many times have we seen live casino providers try to do too much with their blackjack titles, especially when it comes to the UI. Evolution carved out a niche by releasing games that are very easy to master, even if you’re a complete novice.

Some of their most famous blackjack variants are Infinite Blackjack, Free Bet Blackjack, Power Blackjack, and the always fancy Salon Prive.

VIG (Visionary iGaming)

While they haven’t been themselves for the last few years, VIG is still a solid option for all you live blackjack enthusiasts. US online casinos pride themselves on their versatility, so you can expect to see a VIG blackjack game here and there.

Their flagship product is, of course, Live Blackjack, which has a steady player base despite other suppliers coming up with more creative and more ambitious solutions.

If you haven’t had much experience with blackjack as a whole, we believe this is the ideal first step. The interface may be a little outdated, but it’s simple and doesn’t require any sort of tutorial.

They could improve their camera work, but other than that – VIG’s Live Blackjack works almost flawlessly and has awesome dealers. The player base is also filled with generally positive and fun-loving people. When it comes to this game – people arrive for the blackjack and stay for the wonderful atmosphere.

Pragmatic Play Live

If there’s one thing Pragmatic Play is renowned for, it would be their quality-first mentality. Unlike many other companies that strive to release as many blackjack titles as possible, PP takes it easy when it comes to this game.

Currently, they have only one, named just Blackjack. It’s streamed directly from Pragmatic Play’s newest studios in Bucharest, Romania. Unlike Evolution, their goal is not to be over the top or overly extravagant. Instead, they base their image around quality camera work and a reasonable amount of side bets.

Even though PP is more famous for its slots and roulette titles, they apply the same level of devotion and professionalism to their popular Blackjack game.

In addition to this, this supplier is also licensed in the UK, Malta, Sweden, Denmark, Romania, and Bulgaria. With such a formidable level of legal approval, they’re amongst the top when it comes to safety and risk management.

Fresh Deck Studios

Believe it or not, if we were writing this guide just a year ago, Fresh Deck wouldn’t have been included. Why, exactly?

Well, they never had problems when it came to the backend part of their live blackjack software. Instead, the UI was a mess and, at times, it was difficult to play for extended periods of time. Thankfully, 2020 saw Fresh Deck make some pretty serious change.

They completely revamped and simplified the interface on all of their games, with their 7-seat and unlimited seat variants. Not too many suppliers are willing to trot out limited seat blackjack games, so Fresh Deck is really going against the grain.

Whether you want to see how you stack up against other players or just have fun, Fresh Deck has you covered. All their blackjack tables are HTML5-compatible and fully equipped for smartphones and tablet devices.

Due to their amazing strides and series of improvements, we have no other option but to commend them and, ultimately, recommend them.


Another heavy hitter when it comes to live dealer blackjack, Ezugi is a staple at many of the finest online casinos in the US. Due to their global presence, they have enough resources to run multiple studios and several variants of each game they offer.

When you look at their website and accomplishments, it hard to believe they’ve only been in the game since 2012. Make no mistake about their quality, as their team is comprised of experienced professionals that were looking to make something different.

The crown jewel of Ezugi’s game roster is the wonderful trio of blackjack games – Blackjack, Unlimited 21 Blackjack – Auto Split, and Blackjack Bet Behind.

We liked the Bet Behind variant the most, as it allows for an infinite number of players, along with the option to bet behind other players. What surprised us the most is the option to purchase insurance even if the player you’re betting behind. Now that’s what we call thinking outside the box!

Lucky Streak Live

When it comes to live blackjack casinos, Lucky Streak is a name you’ll see pretty often. If Evolution and Ezugi are known for their innovative efforts, then Lucky Streak’s calling card is stability.

They don’t try to do too much. Instead, they strive to find what works and, subsequently, these elements are perfected.

While most suppliers are solely B2B oriented, it’s nice to see that Lucky Streak also has some informative B2C content on their site. While this might seem minuscule, our team values any effort that companies undertake to educate potential players.

Their sole blackjack game comes with some interesting stats, which blend in with the UI in a seamless manner. You can see who the top players are, how they’ve played, and what is their strategy. That way, betting behind will be easier than ever before.

Playtech Live

Another solid competitor has thrown their hat into the ring! Playtech is mainly known for its slots and baccarat games, but have no fear – their blackjack is good enough to compete with the best of the best.

Currently, they only offer two variants. The basic one features an eight-deck setup, all while being treated to some of the best streams we’ve ever seen.

It’s interesting to see Playtech go for a more cozy atmosphere in their studio, instead of the usual extravagant background we see in land-based casinos and in other live blackjack games.

As for their second variant, Ultimate Blackjack, you can mingle with an infinite number of players and enjoy some wisely picked side bets.

Vivo Gaming

Vivo Gaming could be best described as a jack of all trades supplier, with a particular focus on dealers. It’s amazing how surprising it is that companies don’t even think about the human element sometimes. Nevertheless, Vivo heavily invests in training their staff, all in an effort to establish an atmosphere tailor-made for blackjack aficionados.

They’ve also recently updated their interface, with the current one being a true HTML5 masterpiece.

One thing we also liked a lot was the existence of both unlimited and 7-seat tables. Even though the rules and side bets are the same, the game becomes much different when everyone gets a different set of cards.

While Vivo may not be able to top Evolution, they’re still a provider that will satisfy all of your blackjack-related needs.

Comparison of Live Blackjack Suppliers

Pragmatic Play
Vivo Gaming
Fresh Deck Studios
Lucky Streak
Double Any 2
Dealer Hits S17
Double After Split
Hit Split AA
✅ 4 Hands
Insurance Odds
BJ Odds
Perfect Pairs
Hot 3
Any Pair
Bust It
Bet Behind
Shoe Reshuffle %
VIP Private Tables

❓ The Best Live Blackjack Casino?

That wasn’t so hard, was it? Believe it or not, you’re now completely able to sniff out great live blackjack casinos. By knowing all the qualities of a good table, and the suppliers that make those tables, it won’t take you too much time to find what you want.

However, there’s one other thing you need to consider before playing your first hand. Live dealer blackjack can only be as good as the online casino you’re playing at. Think about it; the game is just the final step in the process.

Before you can actually bet money on blackjack side bets, you need to find a proper casino. Of course, our list has you covered, but knowing this yourself can be useful. If a live blackjack casino has the following qualities, you know it’s the real deal:

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⭐ Accepts Canadian Players!

Did you know that the Canada is one of the biggest gambling markets in the world? Still, it’s becoming increasingly hard to find a live blackjack casino that accepts US players.

Even though most states are actively working to expand their respective online casino markets, most of the country is still a legal grey area, as far as live blackjack is concerned.

Casinos simply don’t want to risk facing legal repercussions, so they outright restrict any traffic coming from a US IP address. In some cases, sites do this because their own licensing is shady.

Live blackjack casinos that allow US players to register and play are almost always legit, as it’s hard to navigate the laws of all 50 states at once.

Juicy Bonuses & Promos

Live blackjack is best played when you don’t have to worry about money constantly. That’s why you need a deposit bonus, just as a means of making your winnings even bigger.

Make sure that you always read the terms & conditions of every bonus you intend to claim.

Ensure that the wagering requirements are reasonable and that there aren’t any hidden conditions that you have to abide by.

There are also many no deposit bonuses, but they are often less lucrative and less feasible than promotions that require you to fill your account balance.

Don’t expect to win a lot at live blackjack just because you have a bonus. Think of it more as a way to test a new casino.

Fast Withdrawals

All live blackjack casino need to process withdrawal requests in real-time. In most cases, the time you need to wait depends on the technology used by said payment method.

For bank transfers and cards, you’ll have to wait for a few days, while eWallets are instant.

However, it’s completely okay to use a slower payment method if you want to.

Because of that, casinos need to process your withdrawal as soon as possible, so they don’t add more days to your waiting period.

Visit some review sites if you want to know other people’s experiences. If players happen to receive their money too late, for some reason, they’re more than willing to air their displeasure.

₿ Crypto!

No, we’re not talking just about Bitcoin! A lot of time has passed since BTC was the only digital currency people knew about.

Blockchain tech has also evolved a lot, resulting in many other cryptos such as Ethereum, Litecoin, Ripple, Dash, and many others.

The very best live blackjack casinos know all the convenience that comes with digital coins, so they are more than happy to offer them as payment methods.

All you need is a crypto wallet, a crypto exchange account, and a bit of knowledge about the industry.

Blackjack Game Type Variety

Basic blackjack is great, but even the most passionate player can become bored with the same old rules.

That’s why game suppliers have come up with various new variants, all targeting a specific niche.

Free Bet, Spanish 21, Super Fun 21, and Blackjack Switch are just some of the most popular table types.

You can also choose between seven-seat tables, where only seven or fewer (if someone opens several boxes) people can play at a time, and unlimited ones.

At unlimited tables, everyone gets the same hand initially, but you’re free to make your own decisions immediately afterward.

24/7 Tables

Since there’s no need for physical traffic, game suppliers run their live blackjack studios 24/7.

At the least the best ones, that is. It takes a lot of money and maintenance to keep the operation running non-stop, so you know that companies that do so are successful.

If you, for some reason, have a desire to play a few hands at 5 in the morning, there’s no reason why you shouldn’t.

Some casino sites want to save money, so they only offer live blackjack games at certain times during the day. Avoid such casinos and only treat yourself to around-the-clock blackjack availability!

Our Favourite Live Blackjack Tables

Congratulations, you know how to find the best tables, the best suppliers, and the best casinos. You’re getting really good, really fast. We’re proud of you.

All this knowledge can be daunting, especially when you’re unsure about how and where to start with your live dealer blackjack journey. To lend you a hand, we listed some of our favorite blackjack tables.

Our team members all expressed their opinions, so you’re getting an exclusive look at what our experts like to play in their free time. That’s how you know these games are the real deal. Pick a table and good luck!

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Power Blackjack

Video Preview
Watch Preview

One of Evolution’s best live blackjack titles, Power Blackjack is an interesting twist on the classic format.

The first difference is that all 9s and 10s are removed from the deck. That makes the goal of scoring a Blackjack much harder, but also much easier at the same time. The dealer will have much fewer chances to reach a 17, which will result in overambitious hits.

There are also four side bets, which you can play along with the main hand. You can also double, triple, or even quadruple down on the first two cards, or the first two splits. An exciting and fast-paced variant that you’ll surely enjoy.

VIG Blackjack

Video Preview
Watch Preview

Like we previously mentioned, VIG is not really the top dog when it comes to making a modern blackjack game. Instead, they focus on making things as simple and as similar as possible.

That’s what you get with their Blackjack, an ideal introduction for beginners. The dealers are polite and don’t hesitate to tell funny stories, whilst it’s always rowdy and entertaining in the chatbox. We like the VIG community a lot.

It’s all standard rules, with seven seats available. The only downside is that there are only two side bets: Rummy and Pairs. We would like to see more options, but this is good enough if you’re a novice.

Infinite Blackjack

Video Preview
Watch Preview

Evolution are simply masters at adding small twists that make live blackjack more exciting. Unlike VIG’s variant, there’s an infinite number of spots available. That means you don’t have to wait in a queue until a player decides to drop out.

There’s also the Six-Card Charlie rule, a complete novelty by Evolution. If you happen to have 6 or more cards with a value of 21 or less, you still win, even if the dealer hits Blackjack.

Hot 3 and Bust It are two new editions to the existing Evolution side bet pool and add that much-needed flair to this live blackjack title.

Vivo Gaming Blackjack

Video Preview
Watch Preview

Vivo Gaming is, as we said, a very versatile supplier. They don’t seem to have a particular niche they’re spectacular at. Instead, they try to make the most well-rounded live blackjack game.

So far, they’ve nearly succeeded, as their Blackjack is an excellent combination of everything we like to see in live dealer games.

While Evolution is definitely the more wild option, Vivo can be an excellent alternative for when you’re looking to just play a few hands and not think about anything new.

The interface is very easy to understand and doesn’t invade the screen during gameplay. Many suppliers can’t get this right, but Vivo hits it out of the park.

Free Bet Blackjack

Video Preview
Watch Preview

Did you know that Evolution is the first game provider to release a live casino version of Free Bet Blackjack? Yup, that’s right.

In this particular variant, you get some free bets on doubles and splits. Since these bets can pay a lot, this can be incredibly useful if you have a side bet-driven strategy.

To make up for all those free bets, Evolution has tweaked the game so the dealer busts at 22, and all players’ hands are pushed instead of receiving a payout.

While this may not be an ideal option for live blackjack purists, it’s still a great game with an exciting twist. Who knows, it might be just what you’re looking for.

Soiree Blackjack

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If you like to make a big splash, then this is the table for you! Playtech came out with their own safe haven for high rollers in 2018, and it’s still one of their more successful games.

The minimum bet is $50, while the maximum usually reaches $10,000. There are several features that make this game a bit unusual. First of all, it’s only available after 16:00GMT, which means that US players can catch it during the day.

Also, players vote whether they want to keep the dealer or not after every 30 minutes, which is perhaps the biggest example of player power we’ve seen so far. Only three side bets are available, though.

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Live Blackjack With Bitcoin

We all know how big of a hassle it is to make deposits the old-fashioned way. When you want to play live blackjack, there’s no worse thing than knowing you’ll have to wait for your winnings.

And it’s not just that. Cards, bank transfers, and even some eWallets are unsafe.

With Bitcoin, you can ensure online anonymity and efficiency, all while not having to learn anything particularly daunting or new.

You can play your favorite live blackjack game with just a crypto wallet, an account on a crypto exchange, and a small amount of money. It’s just like regular online gaming, but faster and more secure!

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Mobile Live Blackjack

To be quite honest, mobile live blackjack is still not near where it should be. Only the best software suppliers invest in making their games compatible with smartphones and tablets.

Evolution, Vivo, and Playtech are all good at this, so you can trust that their games will work flawlessly even if you have an older device. That’s because their UIs are all lightweight, which doesn’t clutter your phone’s RAM memory.

All in all, you can go wrong with any of the tables we mentioned. They’re all available on mobile and worthy of your attention, at least for a couple of hours.

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