⭐ Best Online Casinos - Canadian Edition

best online casino stampMost casino review sites or informative blogs focus on either casual players or experienced high rollers. That makes a certain amount of sense, as both these groups have different preferences. Despite these differences, they have one thing in common – they deserve the very best.

Oftentimes, we see ‘experts’ recommending beginners to play at just about any casino, as quality is not important when you’re taking your baby steps in the online gaming world. High-rollers are also frequently advised to disregard quality if a casino has high transfer and betting limits. Honestly, we can’t disagree more!

Every time you decide to gamble online, you should do so only at the best online casinos. The iGaming industry has evolved so much that it’s easier to find a proper site than ever before. And frankly – you can do so yourself with just a bit of advice.

It just so happens that this guide contains all the advice you need. Just follow the tips we’ll give you and you should have no problem sniffing a crappy online casino from a mile away!

To help you even further, we also added a list of the best online casinos, for this month. Why only this month? Well, we believe that the industry is always changing, and sites are constantly making improvements. Thus, an up-to-date list is the best way to see real-time rankings.

All you need to do is sit back, relax, and prepare to become an expert in finding the best online casinos! Ready?

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These Are The Best Sites This Month

Deposit Bonus
What's Good/Bad
Visit The Casino
T&C Apply
Great Multi Tier Loyalty System With
Interac & Instadebit Deposits
MGA Licensed
T&C Apply
Most Popular Casino Brand In Canada
20 No Deposit Spins For New Players
MGA Licensed
T&C Apply
Fast Payouts With No Limitations
Great Selection Of Slots
Excellent Reload Bonuses & VIP Rewards

❓Recipe For The Best Online Casino

Like we said in the introduction, everyone has a preference when it comes to online casinos. Some people like to make deposits with PayPal, others still resort to their trusted credit card. Some players like to bet a lot, while others only do so casually, with small amounts of money.

Don’t get us wrong – preferences are great, as they allow the industry as a whole to diversify and provide better options for anyone. However, just because a casino fits your personal preferences or tastes, that doesn’t mean it’s good. Those are all extra features, and they are right below the basics in the online casino hierarchy.

So, what are the basics exactly? Well, you can consider them elements that are absolutely essential to the way a casino functions. Without them, you shouldn’t even waste a second on a casino.

To make things easier to grasp, we rounded the list down to 8 essential things you should look for. If a majority of all of them are present, a casino can be considered as top-notch:

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#1 Advanced Platform

A casino’s platform is its foundation. There’s no way around it. Starting an online casino isn’t the same as launching a blog or a regular website. Casinos need a strong software platform, as their website has to handle various types of content being watched, used, and played, 24/7, and by tens of thousands of people at a time.

The very best online casinos source their web platform from proven companies, ones that specialize in software for bookmakers and online casinos. Every casino cites the platform creators at the bottom of the page, so you should do some research about the company.

Another important thing is cross-platform use. As stellar as the platform might be, it must be equally stellar on both old and new devices. The same goes for smartphones – mobile gaming is bigger than ever, and the best US casinos should make their platforms usable on smartphones of all kinds, screen sizes, hardware strengths, and so on.

In addition to this, they should integrate their site with various payment methods, with a special focus on ones used by US customers. This means that PayPal, AmEx, Western Union, and others are a must for every US site.

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#2 Player Friendly Terms & Conditions

The best way to know about how a site treats its players is to read its terms and conditions. Judging by the tone and the contents of the dreaded T&C, you can find out how the casino will behave when certain situations arise.

For instance, if a casino constantly mentions how they reserve the right to void this or take away that, it’s a sign that they’re not very player-friendly. We understand that the T&C is always legally binding, as players agree to them, but casinos shouldn’t prioritize their own protection over what makes players happy. They simply shouldn’t.

The T&C should contain everything a player can and can’t do, and they should be written clearly, without convoluted legal expressions and empty language. If you’re reading all the different terms and rules and not understanding them, it’s definitely a red flag.

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#3 Great Industry Reputation

Reputation is everything. Players don’t forget when they feel wrong, and they most certainly don’t hesitate to voice their criticism. Therefore, an important aspect of all the best Canadian online casinos is a stellar reputation.

Before creating an account or giving them any money, check player review sites and see what’s the general sentiment surrounding that casino. You should pay close attention to claims of fraud, withheld funds, unlawfully cancelled bonuses, and similar things.

Now, players do overreact, so if there are just one or two bad reviews, it’s probably someone who doesn’t understand how payments work.

However, if multiple people are claiming the same exact thing happened to them, it’s a sign that the casino is definitely up to something shady. Avoid them if you see too many red flags pointed out by players.

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#4 Fast Payouts

We’re in the 2020s now, and all casinos should process payments in real-time. Period. There’s just no excuse for verification procedures that take too long. If you see a casino using the expression ‘for security reasons’ as an excuse for withdrawals arriving too late – it’s most definitely an excuse.

It’s every player’s right to get their winnings as soon as possible, or at least as soon as the payment method they’re using allows them to. Any sort of delay is pointless and you should completely disregard any site that claims otherwise.

The best US casinos have dedicated, in-house payment processing systems which allow them to verify every transaction as soon as a request is filed. So, make sure you check out the waiting times claimed by the site, just to know what to expect.

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#5 High Game RTPs

Determining if an online casino really is fair is easy. Firstly, you should look at what the payout rate of each of their games is. All the best online casinos are regularly audited by third-party testing firms, and they release reports on a monthly basis.

By looking at these credible reports, you can see if they’re not manipulating game software to skew the odds in the house’s favour.

If a casino fails to post these reports, and operates without undergoing frequent audits, it’s highly likely that they have something to hide. The best US casinos are compliant with fairness regulations, and they’re more than happy to be transparent. Expect this from every site you find!

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#6 They Take Problem Gambling Seriously

Let’s not kid ourselves – gambling is fun, but it’s also very addictive. Playing too much can have negative repercussions on your professional life, your relationships, and just about everything else.

Only play at responsible casinos. You can find out their stance towards problem gambling by looking at the footer of the site. The best US casinos have links to various charities, organizations, gambling hotlines, and any other entity that might prove useful to those suffering from problem gambling.

Another thing to look for is a self-exclusion problem. Some sites offer their players the opportunity to permanently ban themselves from their site, and even their land-based premises (if the operator also runs a physical venue).

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? #7 They Give a Lot Of Profits Back To Players

Once you stumble upon a new casino, you should do some research on how the casino handles its profits. If they offer many bonuses, perks, and gifts, then you can rest assured that said site gives back to players, instead of looking to maximize profits.

Crappy casinos look to squeeze every possible cent from they players – avoid such sites. The best Canadian casinos know how to reinvest the money they’ve been given, and they do so by rewarding the people who gave them that same money.

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#8 They Have Games From All The Best Suppliers

Diversity is everything when it comes to determining what the best online casinos are. If a site is only offering games from a single supplier, it’s highly likely that this is because they cut a deal to purchase the suppliers’ software in bulk.

Usually, this leads to lower prices for the casino, but also, in a very limited and stale experience for the players.

An online casino should know what games are popular right now, and they should get them regardless of which supplier made them.

That’s why the best Canuck casinos share the same games for most of the time – both new ones like Big Time Gaming and classics like RTG, Rival and Betsoft. They care about what the players want and don’t hesitate to offer them just that.

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#9 The Casino Is Spotless On Mobile

Having a cross-platform presence is more important than ever. People like to seamlessly switch between their computers and their phones. There’s no reason why they shouldn’t be able to do that when they’re playing casino games as well.

To ensure that you’ve chosen a good US casino, open their site and look around on your mobile device. If you have an old phone in reach – start it up and check how it handles the casino’s software. Proper casino sites are tuned so that they don’t take up too much RAM memory and work flawlessly even on older devices. If it works on an older phone – it works anywhere!

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⛔ #10 They Don't Spam You With Their Offers

Don’t you just hate it when you receive a thousand emails from a company each week? Unfortunately, it’s not just the eCommerce store you bought something from. Crappy casino sites do this, too.

It’s okay to receive emails about policy changes, updated T&Cs, new additions, or something that’s actually important. However, there’s no reason why you should be reminded that a new promotion is up multiple times.

Great online casinos fine-tune their email copy so that players can easily understand what they’re reading. They also don’t spam your inbox with unnecessary ads, announcements, and whatnot. A little bit of decency goes a long way.

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Summary On Our Best Casino Idelogy

As important as all of these elements are, few casinos are perfect. Therefore, it’s reasonable to expect that an online casino has some features that are worse than others. We can theorize all we want, but at the end of the day – it’s all about how you feel when playing at a casino site.

Even if everything seems perfect, and a single detail is bothering you a lot, you shouldn’t make any compromises. Don’t sell your sell short and be adamant in finding a site that provides exactly what you need and how you need it. You deserve the best, remember that!

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