⭐ Live Dealer Roulette for Canadian Players

live roulette logoLive roulette is probably the most mesmerizing casino game one can play. There’s just something hypnotic about watching the wheel slow down as the ball bounces around unpredictably.

It’s precisely this simple, but enticing process that led to roulette becoming the second most popular game in the world, right after blackjack. Although RNG versions have existed for a long time, watching the computer spin the wheel can get boring pretty quickly.

That’s why online casinos in the Canada have been turning their attention towards live dealer roulette. Having a real person handle the wheel and chat with the players can turn your couch into the Vegas Strip without much effort.

While this convenience can be felt at just about any table, not all live roulette games are created equal. A lot goes into having a good time watching the wheel spin. That often leads to you, the player, being confused and unsure how and where to play.

To help you have the best time possible, we decided to write a guide that would break this veil of confusion. In the following sections, you’ll learn how to find the best live roulette casinos, with only tables from the most reputable suppliers.

We’ve covered pretty much everything, so it’s up to you to just see if Lady Luck’s on your side. If you’re unsure about which game to go with first, you can see our expert recommendations in the ‘Our Favourite Live Roulette Tables’ section. Have fun and play responsibly!

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Best Live Roulette Sites This Month

The market for live dealer roulette is ever-changing. Online casinos constantly switch up their tables and add new titles, so it’s important to be up to date. For that reason, regular top lists just don’t cut if you’re looking for the very best live roulette casinos.

That’s why we reviewed 50+ sites in the last months, picked the best ones, and ranked them in the table below. They’re all 100% safe and legal, allowing you to play without worrying about your money or personal information.

If you’re unsure about where to start, continue reading and you’ll get a clearer picture of what’s going on!

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❓ What Makes a Live Roulette Site Great?

We all know a great live roulette site when we see one. But what is it that separates the good from the bad? Even the most experienced roulette players would have a hard time answering this question. The number of variables that affect this game is simply staggering at times.

At times, even our team can forget a thing or two whilst reviewing a site. With that in mind, we made a big list of all the qualities we think live roulette casinos should have. In several phases, we shortened it until we reached only the essential features.

Basically, if you want to play roulette with live dealers, and a site has most or all of these qualities, you know it’s the real deal. Each of them is equally important, but everyone has their own priorities.

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Tons of Live Roulette Options!

When it comes to roulette with live dealers, preferences play a big role. You might like one game’s user interface, while another might drive you crazy. One supplier’s dealers might appeal to you, while others might be annoying. It’s all relative in the world of live roulette!

However, in order to play according to your preference, online casinos must offer one thing – a wide choice of tables!

That’s right – even though Evolution Gaming is always highly rated by both players and experts, it’s nice to be able to survey the market yourself and see what’s going on.

When a live roulette casino includes tables from various suppliers, it’s a sign that they want players to feel comfortable and control their own experience. Sites that do this have an understanding of how to please the customer and, as such, deserve your time and money.

Live roulette is always popular, so there’s no reason to be limited. 2-3 games are a minimum!

Multiple Live Casino Suppliers

To be honest, it’s not that hard to determine which live roulette table will be a smash hit and which one won’t. You just take a look at the supplier, and that’s it!

Just like a painter has his or her signature, so do live roulette suppliers. For instance, you can spot an evolution table from a mile away. And that’s because they’ve slowly built their reputation by constantly offering features that players adore.

Despite what everyone says, it’s always worth exploring what the live dealer roulette market has to offer. Therefore, having several suppliers at your disposal can be a great way to inject some fresh excitement into your gaming sessions!

Playtech, Pragmatic Play, and Fresh Deck are all fine options and have live roulette tables that are worthy of your attention. Give them a chance and spice things up. Even little things, such as learning a new UI, can make you fall in love with roulette all over again.

Flexible Betting Limits

Roulette is one of the most ambivalent games out there. One moment, you’re feeling things out by betting $1 per spin, and the other you’re already over the $1,000 mark. In terms of gameplay, it’s all the same, as you’re doing the same things regardless of the size of your bets.

If you’re feeling it and have a hunch that it’s going to be a good night, there’s no reason why you should be able to up your bets drastically. That’s why flexible betting limits are the pillar of every great live roulette casino.

Of course, you’ll find tables for high-rollers only, as well as those for casual players, but the point is that you need to be able to switch things up if you want to.

A good live roulette site understands this and implements a bet ballpark that can come in handy in case unexpected wins or losses occur. If you’re able to change your playstyle at will, your chances of winning go up a bit.

"Exotic" Table Variations

When talking about live dealer roulette, people tend to think ‘Oh, there’s only so many things you can do with a wheel and a ball!’ But suppliers don’t share that same opinion. Instead, they view the simplicity of roulette as an advantage and use it as fuel when thinking outside of the box.

Because live roulette is so malleable, many exotic variations have come to be. There’s mini roulette, with just 13 slots. There’s multi-wheel roulette, where you focus on several wheels at a time. You can also try your luck at multi-ball tables, too!

See? Live roulette gives you endless possibilities. The best online casinos earned their status by realizing this and treating players to a cornucopia of exotic tables.

Of course, the classic version of the game has to be represented, too. With a nice combination of suppliers and live roulette variants, a casino can really change the way you look at roulette as a whole.

Mobile Live Roulette

It’s 2021, and online gaming isn’t just reserved for people with a computer. Now that smartphones have become almost as powerful, it’s essential for both casinos and suppliers to take a swing at this rapidly growing niche.

It’s not enough to just offer tables that you can join whilst on your PC. You should be able to get the same treatment and have that same feeling when you’re on your smartphone.

Only play live roulette as casinos that have optimized mobile casinos, with all the same features as when played on desktop browsers. Who knows when you might get tired of sitting and decide to continue placing bets while on the couch.

Continuity is crucial when playing live dealer roulette. Multi-platform tables are a good way to achieve this and you should enjoy their benefits. Casinos that don’t respect this shouldn’t even be considered. You deserve only the best!

Roulette Promotions For Additional EV

Who doesn’t love a reward?

Online casinos in Canada are aware that it’s hard for players to decide where to play and whom to trust with their money. That’s why they offer juicy deposit bonuses and promotions – to thank people for choosing them.

And when it comes to live roulette, that just means extra cash for you. When you have the chance, you should always claim a bonus and give your bets a bit more much.

Top live roulette casinos should be able to offer at least one promotion. Whether it’s money, free spins, or both, it’s an industry standard nowadays.

To get that additional expected value, a bonus should be fair. You shouldn’t have to wager too much, as high wagering requirements don’t yield value at all!

Instead of going for the most lucrative promotion, aim for ones that have reasonable conditions that you can see your self fulfilling. That way you can both test live roulette tables and legitimately play to win.

₿ Crypto!

There are a lot of painful things a human can feel. Migraines and broken bones are often touted as the most painful predicaments, but we believe they are no match for making card deposits at online casinos.

Not only does the bank take a long time to okay everything, but you also have to be wary about what happens to your data. Even if you’re creating an account at the safest live roulette casino possible, it’s still unnerving because you’re giving your personal information to strangers.

To make things much faster and safer, cryptos are emerging as the payment method of the future. A good live roulette site should always have a few crypto options to offer.

Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Litecoin are good enough on their own, but other currencies such as Ripple, Dash, and others are a welcome sight, too.

Don’t settle for the inconvenience of card transfers just because you’re used to them. Strive for the best and make your live roulette deposits the way they should be made!


Live Roulette Software Suppliers

Now that you know how to sniff out the best live roulette casinos, your chances of having an unpleasant experience have shrunk drastically. No, really, most issues occur with casino-related stuff, so you can at least stop worrying about that part.

Still, there the game itself is the main event. It’s where you’ll spend most of your time, so you need to know what to expect. Since live roulette tables come in all shapes and sizes, you have to learn how to spot a good game when you see one.

It’s easy – you just look at the supplier and you should have a pretty good idea of what might happen. That’s why you should always stick with the big guns. These eight live roulette suppliers have proven their worth and can help you have a great time:

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It’s hard to find a more accomplished gaming company than Evolution. Regardless of the game they release, you just know you’ll feel like you’re surrounded by other players, by the roulette table, on a hot Vegas night.

In addition to their devotion to making the whole experience realistic, you can always expect some fun feature or addition. These novelties are always impressive, but never too significant to eclipse what roulette is all about.

Immersive Roulette, Speed Roulette, Auto Roulette, and Double Ball Roulette are their most famous tables. Lightning Roulette, an RNG-live casino hybrid, is also amongst their best work.

When faced with an EVO game, know that the streams will be high-quality, with multiple camera angles and recording modes. The studios are, without a doubt, some of the best in the entire industry.

On top of all that, the dealers are pleasant, talkative, and always willing to explain. With Evolution, you’re getting the full package.

VIG (Visionary iGaming)

Where Evolution wants to move the pole and break the barrier, VIG likes to play it safe. They’re not your typical innovative supplier. Instead, they focus on stability and providing a product that can be acquired by casinos of all shapes and sizes.

With Live European Roulette and Live Canadian Roulette, they do just that. There aren’t any gimmicks, groundbreaking features, or fun twists involved. What you’re getting is a simple UI, coupled with some decent camera work.

In terms of simplicity, VIG is certainly a contender for the crown. When we talk about the best live roulette solutions for beginners, this supplier definitely deserves a mention.

Everything is mindfully designed and placed, making the learning curve almost flat. It’s not anything to be in awe over. VIG knows what they’re good at and they have no problem having consistency as their calling card.

A nice option for breaking a routine or getting back on track.

Pragmatic Play Live

Pragmatic Play has slowly become one of the most formidable providers of software for live dealer roulette.

Today, their roster includes tables such as Speed Roulette, Auto Roulette, Roulette Macao, and Roulette Russia. They’re certainly one of the more versatile companies, as they haven’t shied from exploring new niches when it comes to live roulette games.

Obviously, the atmosphere is Pragmatic Play’s bread and butter. They even have different games and different studio layouts for each one. If you’re looking to visit the distant and mystical Oriente, Roulette Macao is an excellent choice.

Even Auto Roulette, which is supposed to be just a constant live stream of the wheel automatically spinning, has its own distinct atmosphere.

In general, Pragmatic Play games can be seen in many iterations, even if it’s technically the same tables. Operators are free to customize everything from bets to betting limits, so you never know what’s coming.

An exceptional live roulette software supplier, through and through.

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Fresh Deck Studios

This particular company specializes in recreating the land-based roulette experience in live roulette form. While this is a feat that suppliers often strive to achieve, it’s much easier said than done.

Not only does the game have to work flawlessly, but it also has to have the same pace as it would have in a land-based casino.

Therefore, having a skilled and charismatic dealer is important. Fresh Deck is known for their exceptional dealers, so we would have to say that the community at their tables is great.

You won’t see anything out of the ordinary. The UI is nothing to write home about, and everything just works smoothly.

When it comes to the camerawork, we believe it’s surprisingly decent. You can just feel the tension in the air as you wait for the ball to find its landing place.

All in all, Fresh Deck’s live roulette tables can be a nice alternative option due to the company’s reliability. A decent choice.


Another game, another professional outing by Ezugi. While we’ve already written about how great their blackjack tables are, Ezugi once again shows why they’re the most underrated supplier out there.

You can see it best on their website, as they explain how their Live Roulette covers every need of both operators and players. No, seriously, it’s jampacked with features.

Their game history is amongst the best and most detailed we’ve ever seen. For players that always like to use statistics as a part of their strategy, Ezugi’s Live Roulette is truly a gold mine.

Every time we’ve played at one of their tables, we just couldn’t help but be amazed at how all the camera angles work in unison. As far as being immersive goes, this supplier might even give Evolution a run for their money one day.

Their OTT Roulette and Auto Roulette are also great, but the classic takes the cake for us. It’s well worth a try.

Lucky Streak Live

Lucky Streak is an excellent example of how a great UI can make live roulette more enjoyable. Here, you’re getting a simple approach that pays dividends.

The key to this game’s quality lies in the fact that it has a lot of features, but they’re all where they actually should be.

We were amazed by the History tab, where you can treat yourself to a comprehensive breakdown of the last 100 spins. Rarely do we see suppliers go this far when setting up the stats-related part of the game.

Lucky Streak’s live roulette tables are a great destination for any player that likes to back their decisions up with numbers.

Everything else is easily findable, which is not something you see every day.

It’s also worth mentioning that the beauty of the simple UI is further accented by the lavish studio design. The contrast with the UI makes both elements even better than they otherwise would have been.


Another ambitious supplier, Playtech likes to spread into various live roulette niches. The result of this liking of theirs is a roster that’s enough to satisfy any player’s needs.

Single Zero Roulette is an excellent crack at the classic version of roulette, while their other variants emphasize speed and efficiency. If you like to place bets quickly and not stop for breaks, Playtech has what you’re looking for.

When compared to other suppliers, they have many more language variants, which is a testament to their international presence. While this doesn’t technically matter to live roulette players in the US, a supplier being valued throughout the globe is still a good sign.

They’ve also entered the experimental market in 2019, with Quantum Roulette. In addition to ambitious camerawork, the game also utilizes augmented reality (AR) technology, along with RNG elements.

It’s very similar to Evolution’s Lightning Roulette, but still different enough and good enough to be worth playing.

Authentic Gaming

Now here’s something you don’t see every day – a supplier that specializes almost exclusively in live dealer roulette. Yup, Authentic Gaming is one of the leading brands when it comes to reliable and enjoyable tables.

Studio Roulette is a nice take on the classic variant, with a spacious and modern studio seizing the spotlight.

You can also expect to encounter some very memorable dealers. They crack jokes and tend to remember regular players, so it won’t take you long to feel right at home.

There’s also the option of playing live roulette on tables that are streamed directly from land-based casinos. Luxurious rooms and raucous crowds can often be found at these tables, making them an ideal treat for those of you that prefer realistic iterations of this amazing game.

Auto Roulette is there too if you want to avoid chatting with the dealer. All in all, an excellent supplier.

Three Main Game Types Of Live Roulette

Live roulette is easy to understand, as even the craziest variants include at least one wheel and one ball. But let’s depart from these exotic tables for a moment. You won’t really encounter them on an hourly basis.

It’s much easier to look at live roulette as a game of three types. No matter the extra features, all roulette tables fall into one of these three categories. They all have subtle differences and can be approached with completely different strategies.

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American Roulette

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In Canadian roulette, the wheel has 38 slots, one more than the European variant. The added slot is the double zero – ‘00’. Even though there are more slots, the payout per number stays the same.

This means that the house edge is increased from 2.7% all the way up to 5.26%. American roulette tables are perhaps the most frequent type you’ll find. They come in all shapes and sizes, so you won’t have any trouble finding something that suits you.

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⭐ French Roulette

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French roulette has the lowest house edge of all the three types, with a measly 1.35%. This is because it has one very special rule related to losing bets.

You see, French roulette gives you a second chance, of sorts, when you lose an even-money bet. Even-money bets are those that give you a 50:50 chance of winning. Think of betting on halves or red/black.

If you lose such a bet, two outcomes are possible. The first one, the En Prison, involves your bet remaining on the table until the next spin. If that spin wins you the bet, you get your stake back. If not, tough luck.

The second outcome is the Le Partage rule, which gives you the option to split any losing even-money bet between you and the house, 50:50.

Unfortunately, French roulette is not that commonly found at live roulette casinos.

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European Roulette

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It’s just American roulette without the double zero. Although ‘just’ might be misplaced here, as the house edge is two times lower when you’re playing the European variant.

Overall, European roulette is a bit less common than the Canadian version. People in Canada are simply used to working with 38 slots, so European tables can’t quite take over the market.

However, there has been a steady increase in online casinos offering this particular game type. If you like to see your chances as low as possible, but without the gimmicks of French roulette, give the Euro tables a shot.

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Our Favourite Live Roulette Tables

Congratulations, you’re now fully capable of finding the best live roulette sites, as well as the supplier. You also know which type of live roulette table gives you the best chance at actually winning. It’s quite something, so be proud of yourself!

To help you celebrate the start of your live roulette journey, our team assembled a list of their favorite tables. They’re also great in their own right, so pick any one and let the fun begin!

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Lightning Roulette

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Evolution’s flagship table, Lightning Roulette combines RNG elements from slots with classic gameplay.

In addition to regular bets, there’s a catch at the end of every spin. One to five numbers get hit by lightning and get assigned one of the following multipliers – 0x, 100x, 200x, 300x, 400x, or 500x. If you happen to hit the number, your regular winnings will be multiplied by the RNG-generated factor.

There’s a catch – standard bets pay only 30:1. While this does seem incredibly low, it’s the only way online casinos can afford to pay those multipliers.

This is a high-quality, quirky live roulette game that everyone should try. It’s so much fun!

Quantum Roulette (Playtech)

Video Preview
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Playtech’s answer to Lightning Roulette, Quantum Roulette is yet another example of how RNG and live-action gameplay can be a winning combination.

Just like in Evo’s game, the wheel gets hit by up to five bolts of lightning, with multipliers ranging from 50x to 500x. What’s unique about this table is the Quantum Boost feature, which happens at random every once in a while and can increase existing multipliers even further.

It’s these two extra features that make Quantum Roulette feel like a true jackpot game. Even though there is no jackpot, you’re still waiting for that Quantum Boost to assist you in taking home a decent amount of money.

Immersive Roulette

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Tables don’t have to be just about new features that change the way the game works. Instead, they can just bring a new perspective to live roulette. That’s precisely what Immersive Roulette does by bringing Hollywood-style cameras to the casino floor.

You’ll see every bit of the spin in HD footage, reaching 200 frames per second. This is definitely for all you fans of high-quality graphics. With Evolution’s impeccable studio, every slow-motion replay and every angle change are a true treat.

If you ever feel tired of live roulette, try this game out, trust us. It will remind you how beautiful the gameplay actually is!

Double Ball Roulette (EVO)

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Tables don’t have to be just about new features that change the way the game works. Instead, they can just bring a new perspective to live roulette. That’s precisely what Immersive Roulette does by bringing Hollywood-style cameras to the casino floor.

You’ll see every bit of the spin in HD footage, reaching 200 frames per second. This is definitely for all you fans of high-quality graphics. With Evolution’s impeccable studio, every slow-motion replay and every angle change are a true treat.

If you ever feel tired of live roulette, try this game out, trust us. It will remind you how beautiful the gameplay actually is!

Instant Roulette (EVO)

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Do you hate the break between spins? If yes, you’re not the only one. Even if it’s just a few seconds, it’s hard to hold your excitement until the next round. It’s definitely one of the biggest flaws of live roulette.

Well, Evolution kind of solved that problem with Instant Roulette. This table features 12 wheels, all synchronized with one another. Due to this strange combination, you will never have to wait in order to place a bet nor is there a time limit.

The moment you decide what you want to do, you will be redirected to a wheel that you will be betting on that round. You can also use the ‘Rebet’ option for an even faster pace!

Canadian Roulette (EVO)

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Ah, the beloved Canadian tables. Evolution certainly has the best one, but we’re not even sure why we keep playing it.

Even though it has almost double the house edge of the European version and almost quadruple the French one, it’s still by far the most played game type in the US.

Whether or not we’re so patriotic that we have no problem playing with two-times worse odds is up for debate. What’s not is that Evo perfectly encapsulates the land-baed atmosphere we all know and love.

bitcoin solid

Live Dealer Roulette With Bitcoin

Even though it’s been more than ten years since its creation, Bitcoin is showing no signs of slowing down. Despite all the bubbles and the speculation, more and more live roulette casinos are accepting BTC deposits and withdrawals.

Pretty much all the best Canadian casino sites offer this type of payment method, so you won’t feel excluded.

You’ll play live roulette alongside folks that use credit cards, with the only difference being that you won’t have to wait long for withdrawals and your personal information being safer. Not bad, huh?

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