Real Money Online Roulette - Where?

rouletteThe roulette wheel and roulette table have been a place of gathering for centuries. Placing chips in anticipation of the outcome of the wheel spin is one of the most interesting and popular experiences on the casino floor.

This passion did not subside to this day – but it did move to the online casino realm, very successfully, we might add.

Today, roulette fans can stay home and access numerous games of roulette which have been designed for the web. In a virtual environment, all the thrilling roulette bets become available, with equally exciting payouts.

Where does one find roulette to play online? At casino websites, obviously. Roulette has a massive following, but you will rarely find websites which are solely dedicated to offering games of roulette.

Instead, you can access hundreds of online casinos with all types of games, from slots and blackjack to roulette and poker.

The main issue is picking trustworthy and reputable casinos that allow you to play roulette. Playing roulette online for real money flushes out several concerns; payout speed, software quality, security, fairness and customer support efficiency are important, as they all affect the roulette gaming experience online.

We give you a list of top online roulette casinos to choose from, all evaluated and deemed suitable.

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Best Roulette Casinos

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Thoughts On Great Roulette Sites

Here’s our 4 that make or break a great roulette playing experience.

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Roulette Table Variety

A game that exists for so long must have been a good basis for variations and different types of gameplay. The simplicity of the game of roulette does not allow game designers to make revolutionary changes that would alienate traditional roulette fans from the game.

It does allow them to incorporate interesting features and deviations of the rules that make the game feel fresh and different.

If you care to play roulette for real money online, you will have a healthy choice of RNG roulette and live dealer roulette to enjoy.

The table variety may depend from the software providers, but it is highly likely that your chosen casino will boast at least several different roulette options, including Canadian Roulette, European Roulette and perhaps French Roulette, Double Ball Roulette and the like.

Before you invest your hard-earned bucks into a roulette game, take the time to familiarize yourself with different tables. Experiment, have fun, try some free play and then turn to real money games once you have found the type that you like the most.

European Roulette is the most favorable one, house-edge-wise, yet there are other interesting tables to try out. RNG casino lobbies will often display low-limit and high-limit options, as well as spice up the collection with versions such as 3D Roulette, Multi-Wheel Roulette and Mini Roulette.

Live Roulette Offered

Every casino website with a live dealer section will house live roulette games. Simple as. Playing live roulette for real money is a unique experience, as you can join other players at a real roulette wheel and share the gaming experience with a qualified dealer operating the table in real time.

Through live stream video, you can place bets directly, using a digitally rendered interface, the croupier will receive instant notifications of the bets you have made and when the betting time is over, they will spin the wheel and then announce the winners once the wheel comes to a stop. Just like in a physical casino.

More and more software developers are entering the race to offer the best possible live roulette product. Among US-friendly providers of live casino roulette, there are a few companies that stand out.

There’s Visionary iGaming, with Live European Roulette and Live Canadian Roulette, featuring a rich HTML5 game interface, HD video with picture-in-picture, digital video mixing, multiple camera angles and community chat.

Other interesting providers to look forward to are Arrows Edge and Fresh Deck Studios.

Great On Mobile

Mobile roulette for real money, is it possible? Absolutely! Look around and try to find a single person not carrying around a smartphone in their pocket. Exactly.

We are all very attached to our handheld devices and use them not just as windows to the world and means of communicating with others but also as sources of entertainment.

Many casinos nowadays support mobile play and offer high-quality online roulette games optimized for mobile. In fact, roulette is one of the most popular casino games on the mobile market since it is so easy to play and fits well with the smaller screen size.

The convenience of the landscape view makes it easier to play roulette on a smartphone or tablet, without losing on the visual appeal.

Some might even argue that roulette is the perfect choice to introduce you to mobile casino gaming.

Most of the web-based roulette games feature a basic layout, with a limited number of buttons required to play. That translates to mobile screens perfectly.

Crypto Friendly

Players thinking about switching from regular currency to Bitcoin mode don’t need to worry about having to abandon their favorite online roulette games.

Playing online roulette with cryptocurrency does not differ from regular roulette play at all. It is required that the casino site offering roulette accepts crypto deposits.

Once you’ve found such a casino (and they are readily available for US players), you can proceed to launch roulette game at their platform and make bets using Bitcoin, or whatever the digital currency you deposited with.

Using cryptocurrency to bet on roulette online comes with an array of benefits. For one, your anonymity will be guaranteed.

Payouts become notably faster and there are no irritating fees to worry about. In addition, casino match deposit bonuses will also be available to you if you deposit in crypto and play roulette games online.

❓ Basic Roulette Tips When Playing for Money

Use these tips at the table to maximise your EV and get the best chance of winning.

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Don't Play Canadian Roulette

One of the most highlighted tips when playing roulette on the web is to avoid the Canadian version of the game. This animosity has nothing to do with the game’s name or anything of the sort.

It is strictly related to the high house edge this type of roulette offers due to the fact that the Canadian roulette wheel has an additional socket, the double zero one.

When you compare all the roulette versions available at online casinos, you will find that Canadian Roulette has the worst possible house edge.

While the house edge of the European variant is 2.7%, the Canadian wheel cannot offer anything lower than 5.26%. For any table game, this is extremely high.

Adding the extra socket may theoretically sound like a good idea. It gives players more betting options. However, in practice, the double zero raises the house edge significantly and diminishes your chances of winning decent payouts in the long run. We’re not saying don’t play this game ever – just be careful and don’t invest too much.

French Roulette for Even Money Bets

Out of all roulette types, French Roulette is the most favorable. The house edge in this game can be lowered to 1.35% if the player takes advantage of the En Prison and La Partage special rules.

Based on this information alone, you should always opt for the French table when you have the chance.

What is also interesting about French Roulette is that you get a second chance at even money bets. While you would always lose any even-money bet, such as red/black or odd/even, if the ball lands on zero, in French Roulette you can make use of the En Prison and La Partage.

Thanks to the Le Partage rule any losing even-money bet is split 50:50 between the player and the house. In other words, you only lose half of your stake.

En Prison, on the other hand, “imprisons” your losing even-money bet and remains on the table for the next spin. If the spin is a winning one, the stake is returned to the player.

?‍? Don't Believe Magic Systems

Internet will offer you endless pages of “winning roulette systems”. These pages will promise you guaranteed wins and 100% positive results, which is impossible. Some strategies and systems border with science fiction, which is why you should avoid them.

Roulette betting strategies and tactics are not here to help you break the bank and “crack” the game. If something like that is possible, it would have been done a long time ago.

No amount of mathematical trickery and physics can guarantee you wins, as every roulette wheel spin is independent and results are always random.

Steer away from scam sites that claim they can make you a roulette winner all the time. Roulette systems such as the Martingale, if applied correctly, may improve your chances of winning and provide you with a fresh approach to the game, but they can’t guarantee anything.

Utilize Deposit Bonuses

Online roulette casinos will reward you for playing with real money through bonuses. Why not use them to your benefit? Feel free to evaluate bonus offers and claim the ones that come with reasonable conditions.

If you do this, you may receive extra funds to play with, prolong your roulette sessions and buy time, allowing for that winning spin to come along.

It is true that roulette casino bonuses are not as common as slot bonuses, but there are still decent offers out there that can be redeemed by real money roulette players.

Welcome bonuses are likely to give you the best chances of benefiting from roulette play, but there could also be reload bonuses or live casino bonuses you can make use of.

For these bonuses to become active, you are expected to make deposits, which is what you will be doing anyway. No deposit bonus roulette do happen, but are much more rare.

Make sure to read the terms and conditions first, though. If you find them reasonable, go ahead and utilize the bonus.