Real Money Online Craps - Where?

craps tableThe earliest traces of gambling activities in human history have to do with the use of dice. If you want to bet on the dice, you should know that there are no particular skills involved.

Knowing the rules of the game and the betting opportunities is enough to get you started. Forget about studying strategies – most of the time, basic wagers are all you ever need to know about shooting dice.

Craps tables at physical casinos are normally the ones making the most noise due to the excitement each release of the dice provokes. If you prefer the privacy of your home, you can turn to virtual craps.

There is a wide variety of craps games online, most of them using standard craps rules and bets. The only notable difference you will experience is the absence of a shooter. Instead, in virtual dice games, a random number generator (RNG) is used to generate the dice roll outcome.

If you miss the presence of a dealer so much, there are also live dealer craps games for real money.

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Great Real Money Craps Sites Have...

These 4 are the most important for us when deciding whether we want to play it for money or not.

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Craps Table Variety

You will rarely see craps featured on the casino homepage and we have to admit that its popularity is lower than the popularity of other table games such as blackjack or roulette.

Nevertheless, there are hundreds of thousands of people playing craps for real money online, and their number is getting bigger.

If you care to join them, know that there are various online craps providers, delivering their takes on dice. That being said, there isn’t a big table variety for this game.

Not because the game doesn’t lend itself well to the online format, but because the game rules are tightly organized and there aren’t many changes developers can make without affecting the game’s integrity.

Most software developers simply went for developing their versions of the standard craps game, incorporating their interface while keeping the basic rules and betting opportunities.

Some options will provide slick gameplay and cutting-edge 3D graphics, while others will appear more traditional and minimalistic.

Apart from the graphics, different tables may showcase different table limits. At selected casinos, you might come across to some versions of Crapless Craps or High Point Craps, but these are a rarity.

Live Dealer Craps

Those looking for a more immersive craps playing experience can turn to live craps. These games are played for real money with a real live dealer online. The croupier is beside a real craps table and the game resembles a land-based casino setup.

Live casino games, including craps, give bettors a more realistic environment with the help of authentic equipment and qualified croupiers.

Certain live games come complete with two casino employees, two dealers – one to shoot the dice and the other to act as the actual croupier/presenter and announce the winning outcome.

While some of the most prominent developers of live casino games don’t offer craps, a US-friendly developer does. We’re referring to Vivo Gaming and its first-class Live Craps, with two dealers.

You will benefit from crystal clear, high-definition streams and have the closest experience possible as with craps tables in Las Vegas casinos.

Great On Mobile

Since gaining access to traditional casino sites on web-capable smartphones and tablets is easy nowadays, craps games are also available for mobile play.

There will be no major changes involved, and craps will be craps – except that you will have the liberty to play anywhere, anytime.

All mobile-capable craps games are identical in their rules and structure to the options you have at browser versions of desktop casinos.

There are gambling operators offering dedicated casino apps, but most casinos will simply have mobile-optimized versions of their lobbies at the ready.

You can open them on the most commonly supported mobile devices, from iPhones/iPads and Blackberries to Windows and Android.

Initially, you might think that the mobile versions of craps games offer fewer functionalities in comparison to the desktop counterparts.

In reality, you will have everything necessary for a smooth, hassle-free game of craps on the move.

Crypto Friendly

Can craps be played online with Bitcoin casino deposits? Certainly! Bitcoin craps games can be found at crypto-friendly casinos operating in the US market.

If you already have coins in your digital wallet, you can head straight to a BTC casino and make a deposit. Pick a reputable brand and high-quality craps game.

The game fundamentals will not change just because you are playing using a cryptocurrency. You will have the same betting opportunities and the same functionalities, with various options to control the board (alerts, highlighted areas, adjusting the stake levels etc.). Your winnings will be expressed in Bitcoin, as well as your balance.

Geographical boundaries and state regulations do not apply to cryptocurrency online play. If you opt for this way of enjoying real money online craps, you will be protected by a high level of anonymity.

No identification or documentation is required and the transactions are much faster than average bank transfers or card-based transactions.

❓ Basic Craps Tips When Playing for Money

Four tips that will get you a whole lot of additional expect value and maximise your winning chances!

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Never make proposition bets

Proposition bets in craps cover a group of bets. They are also known as center bets, located in the center of the betting table.

These bets are particularly difficult for novices and are generally considered risky and less suitable for real money players. Why? Well, they come with a substantial house edge attached to them.

Experienced craps players will sometimes call them “sucker” bets. None of the proposition bets gives the house advantage under 9%.

This is already extremely high, and there are bets with a 16% house edge and higher. The advice is to stay clear of proposition (one-roll) bets like Any Craps, Any 11, Craps Eleven, Any 2 or 12, Any 3.

The prop bets make the game more exciting and can have large payouts, they belong amongst the statistically worst bets for the player.

Seriously considering prop bets when you are playing real money craps online would be counterproductive. So if someone starts convincing you that one-roll bets or hardways bets look appealing, remember that the house advantage is overwhelmingly not in your favor with these.

Utilize Deposit Bonuses

Online casino players are often found in situations where a slightly higher balance could have helped with the overall results of the session. If you want to avoid such situations as much as possible, take your time to recognize favorable casino bonuses.

As a craps player, you will rarely be offered specialized craps bonuses at online casinos. However, welcome bonuses are open for every first depositor and could rake in decent balance boosts. No deposit bonuses for craps are also sometimes available.

A larger balance may help you in future craps plays and even if your winning don’t reach incredible heights, your improved confidence will help you make better betting decisions.

A random match bonus or a reload bonus, even cashback bonuses are all viable possibilities for real money craps players. Stay on the lookout for attractive promotional deals and remember to always read the terms and conditions before claiming bonus offers.

Bet Pass Line!

The main reason why craps seem intimidating and overwhelming to some players is that it offers a great number of bets, odds and options.

If you want to get better at craps, but you are still not experienced enough, focus on mastering the Pass Line bet. It is one of the most basic craps bets and widely-preferred by casino players, both online and offline.

Pass Line means putting a wager on the probability that the dice will roll a 7 or an 11. The bet wins if this happens. If 2, 3, or 12 are rolled, the bet loses.

Any other outcome initiates the second phase of the Pass Line bet – setting the point (a number to be rolled). If the point number is rolled, the Pass Line bet wins. If a 7 is rolled first, it loses.

The payout for the Pass Line bet is always even money. Additionally, this bet has a low house edge of 1.41%. There are no significant downsides to the Pass Line bet, it is easy to understand, and you should definitely include it in your online craps strategy.

Stay Away From "Any 7" Bet

The payout for this bet is 4:1 and the house edge is 16.9%. Do we need to say more? It comes with lousy odds, giving the casino a massive advantage.

When you opt for the Any 7 bet, you are wagering on the dice roll to result in any combination of numbers that totals 7. Any other number causes you to lose the bet.

While 7 has a greater chance of appearing than any other combination, the chances of this happening on a single roll are 1 in 6. It is simply not worth it.

There is a reason why Any 7 is considered the least profitable bet in craps. Unless you are a big risk-taker and you don’t mind losing money playing online craps, keep the Any 7 bet at arm’s length.