??Mobile Casinos for Canadian Players

Technology has changed casino games quite a lot in the last 25 years. Once, the pinnacle of enjoying some blackjack or roulette was going to a land-based casino. Sure, it was an amazing social experience, but who wants to drive considerable distances for some legal gambling action?

Online casinos, once they caught on, allowed people to play all their favorite games from the comfort of their home. However, the 2010s saw the rise of smartphones and mobile casinos in Canada.

From that point onwards, nobody was tied to a single PC or laptop. You can simply bring your casino with you and play whatever you want, whenever you want.

There are more and more mobile casinos for Canadian players popping up every day. With this guide, you’ll know how they work, how to use them, and how to find the best ones. Ready?

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Top Mobile Casinos This Month

The best mobile casinos list is an ever-changing one. One site can be on the top today, but improvements from their competitors could push them to the bottom the very next day.

That’s why it’s important to know the current state. To give you an accurate portrayal, we conducted a month-long review period to be able to grade top mobile casinos properly. They needed to be consistently good for us to recommend them. The following ones made the cut:

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Great Multi Tier Loyalty System With
Interac & Instadebit Deposits
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20 No Deposit Spins For New Players
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Fast Payouts With No Limitations
Great Selection Of Slots
Excellent Reload Bonuses & VIP Rewards

❓ Common Misconceptions About Mobile Casinos

Despite smartphones being our second nature, some people are still hesitant to give mobile casinos a chance. This is mostly because there are many misconceptions and false convictions being spread around.

We looked into that particular subject and found that these four myths are the most prevalent. Have you heard any of them?

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RTP % Are Still The Same!

Myth: Mobile casinos offer different RTPs compared to desktop ones.

Truth: You’re playing the exact same game as the people that use their computer to access the site.

The server recognizes that you’re browsing from a phone and it automatically shows you the mobile version, equipped with mobile games. It’s the same as with any website that has been optimized for mobile use!

Mobile Has Its Own UI

Myth: Desktop sites and mobile casinos have an entirely different UIs.

Truth: The UI isn’t different. It’s just a modified version of the existing one. Since you’re visiting the casino from your phone, the site is made to fit your touchscreen-related features, your screen resolution, and whatnot.

You Can Deposit/Withdraw The Same Way!

Myth: You can’t use some payment methods at mobile casinos.

Truth: Almost every bank or payment method has a mobile site or even an app, sometimes for both Android and iOS. Smartphones are mini-computers and can be used to complete every single transaction that you, the player, need.

Live Casino Works, Too!

Myth: Live casino games can’t be played at mobile casinos.

Truth: Although they seem like the result of some complex development, live casinos really aren’t that elaborate. It’s just a live stream of a dealer doing their job in a studio, overlaid with a UI that you can use to impact the game and observe it, as well.

Thus, it’s very easy to scale down the UI and show the same stream. Almost every mobile casino has a live dealer section.

Two Types Of Mobile Casinos

Mobile casinos come in two types. This ‘split’ of sorts is a direct result of the developers’ decisions. Here’s how you can play casino games on your smartphone:

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In-Browser Play

A large majority of online casinos release their mobile casino as a version of the original site modified to fit a phone.

Whether you’re using Chrome or Safari – it doesn’t matter, just enter the web address and you’ll see all the familiar controls and site sections.

Native Apps

Even though app development is much easier to learn nowadays, due to more resources, casino apps are still pretty rare.

It takes some serious coordination between teams in order to integrate games into a whole new app.

There’s also the issue of licensing. Both Google and Apple are notoriously strict when it comes to allowing mobile casino apps to be featured on their app marketplaces.